How has it been going?

So the journey has begun and I’m a few weeks into my transformation at Atlas Gym in Park Gate, Southampton.

I had a couple of sessions on my own before my consultation with personal trainer Jason (Jason runs Mofitness, a Southampton personal trainer based at Atlas Gym) and did my best to do the training plan he’d sent to me.  It’s fair to say I took longer than normal to get through the sessions because I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what I was doing.  A lot of the exercises are part of super-sets (one thing immediately after the other), so even just familiarising myself with where things were and mapping out the transitions were important.

Chris working out at Atlas Gym Southampton.

It’s all about technique!

In the main, I got on pretty well, though there were a few things I’d never heard of (one-legged Romanian deadlift?!), so I substituted those with things I knew or took a look at trusty Google for help.  When I had the consultation we went through the techniques I wasn’t sure about.  Jason is a stickler for technique, but that’s what I needed.  When I trained years ago, I’d compromise the technique a bit to be able to lift more weight.  That’s not important to me now.  I just want to make sure I’m doing things right.  I seemed to pick things up quickly and he was pleased with my technique.

The joy of a 24 hour gym

So that was the start, but how has it gone since?  Mixed, but generally really good.  I only say mixed because I haven’t been quite as often as I’d hoped, for various reasons.  As for the training, I’ve really enjoyed it.  The exercises are HARD, but each time I do them, I feel more comfortable and I’ve been able to either increase the reps or the weight.  The gym is great (see list of equipment here).  One of the things I love is that it’s always open.  Sometimes there is so much going on and I work in the centre of Southampton so I can’t get down to the gym until late, but that’s all good as it’s totally flexible.  It’s much quieter late at night, which I have liked, particularly whilst getting a feel for things.  That said, now I’m comfortable with the routine, the busier times have a great atmosphere.  There are a really nice bunch of people there doing a wide range of things.

Has it made a difference?

Have I noticed a difference in myself?  Well I wasn’t exactly expecting to be ripped after a few weeks, but I have seen an improvement.  After week one, I was keen to weigh myself and see what difference it had made.  I gained two pounds…  I put that down to muscle being heavier than fat.  That’s fair right?!  What I did notice, even in the first couple of weeks was a change to my body shape.  A bit less flab and a bit more tone.  It’s going to take time, but that was good to see.  The shame I felt previously when I looked in the mirror was starting to turn to encouragement.  Also, the weight has started to come down too and I seem to be less susceptible to junk food binges.  Less….

What next?

My focus for the next few weeks is to be more disciplined in going three times a week.  It’s so easy to make excuses, but I always kick myself the next day knowing I could have gone.  Summer holidays are over now, so everything is a bit more routine.  There is no reason I can’t do it.  Onwards and upwards!