Over the next few months two ‘forty-something’ individuals will be taking on the Atlas challenge.  We believe that if they both give it 100% then they can reach their fitness goals in 3-6 months – with a little help from their friends at Atlas Gym!  First up is Lorraine:

Meet Lorraine

Hello I am Lorraine and I have been on a diet of some kind since I was about 18! Which is pretty depressing as it means I have been fighting this constant weight battle for over 20 years – I have tried them all Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Keto, Atkins, Cambridge, Exante, Slim Fast – I am literally a diet companies dream and I dread to think about the amount of money I have spent.  Add to this to constant gym membership I have paid for which I have used about six times a year!

Sorry my dog has eaten my trainers!

Why didn’t I use it?  Basically, because I don’t know what I am doing in the gym.  I find them overwhelming and a full of people that all look like they belong there – and knew exactly what they were doing.  Me turning up and getting on a treadmill for 20 minutes after pressing all the buttons never seemed to make me feel good, or look any different, so I made up every excuse in the book not to go!

Why do I want to go to the gym?

I want to get fit and shed some pounds for many reasons.  Some are health related and some are purely for vanity.  I have two young children and I want to be able to play/run/swim with them without getting out of breath and needing to sit it out.  I also have an epic collection of jeans that I want to be able to wear again – every time I buy a new pair in a bigger size a little piece of my soul falls away – dramatic but true!  Therefore, in order for my clothes to stop hurting when I wear them, for my kids to have a mum who can keep up with them and still be around as they grow up I would like to lose two stone.

Starting out

Here are the stats:

Date: Thursday August 1

Weight: 13 stone 5lb

Plan: I have joined Atlas Gym and had an initial consultation with trainer Liv.  I am not going to have personal training sessions but I hope Liv can tell me what I need to be doing so I can go in and just get going. I want to be able to show up, do my workout and get out again.  My life is pretty busy so I am going to aim for a gym session at least three times per week – usually after the kids have gone to bed.  This gym life needs to become habit and not something I force myself to do!

On Tuesday I will be heading to Atlas for my first go at the programme Liv is writing for me.  She is going to run me through how to do all the ‘moves’ and then I will check in with her every couple of weeks.

For now here are the dreaded ‘before’ photos…

Wish me luck!

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